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Basic Soapmaking Class


Basic Soapmaking Class: Learn the Art of Soapmaking with The Asheville Soap Lady

  • Instructor: Claudia DeFouw, founder, and owner of Sweet Abode Artisan Soap.
  • Celebrating 10 Years: Sweet Abode Artisan Soap has been creating Bath and Home products that “Simply Pamper.”
  • Certifications: Claudia is a Certified Teacher through the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild. She also holds certifications in Advanced Soapmaking and Advanced Cosmetic Making.

Class Highlights:

  1. Personal Use or Business: Whether you’re interested in making soap for personal use or exploring the business side of bath and body care, this class is a great starting point.
  2. Thorough Knowledge: Small class sizes ensure you receive in-depth knowledge of soapmaking.
  3. Ingredients and Formulations: Understand which ingredients work best and learn how to calculate your own formulations.
  4. Fragrance Percentages: Discover the right fragrance percentages for your soap.
  5. Additives and Colors: Learn about additives that enhance and color your soap.

This class promises an exciting journey into the world of soapmaking, guided by an experienced instructor. 


What to Wear:

To protect your skin from splashes during the soapmaking process, please wear the following:

Closed-toed shoes and socks

Long pants (sweatpants are great)

A ¾ sleeve shirt or a short-sleeved one (avoid long sleeves due to water splashes during cleanup)


Safety and Protective Gear Provided:

As a new soapmaker, safety is essential. I’ll provide the following protective gear:


Plastic protective sleeves

An apron


A hair covering (because fishing out stray hairs isn’t fun!)

A small bar of soap for washing your face after handling lye.

Guide to Basic Soapmaking Notebook:


This comprehensive guide will cover:


Ingredients and additives

A brief history of soapmaking

Safety precautions

Supply sources

Handy tools and recipes

Equipment Provided for Use in Class:


You’ll have access to the following equipment:


Immersion blender

Bowls and measuring cups

Spoons and spatulas

A silicone mold to create 8 bars of soap (which you can take home)

Mats and towels

A chopstick

Ingredients for six bars of 4 oz Soap:


We’ll be making a cold process, heat transfer soap with a beautiful drop swirl. Here are the ingredients:

Oils: Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter

Lye and Water

Fragrance: Choose from Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint, or any other fragrance we have available.

Additives: Consider using mica or natural colorants.

You will take home 6 bars of soap in a silicon mold. You can use the mold for future production.


If you have any other questions, feel free to give me a call at 828-279-3898 or email at

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