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About Us

We know it is hard to decide what products are best for your family. All our products are made as a result of someone’s request for products that evoke memories, stimulate the senses, are fun, and most importantly, make the skin feel amazing and “simply pamper.”

Because we know you care what ingredients are in your products, there has been a lot of research to formulate the best products, from how the different oils in the soap have a different outcome for each of our soaps, body butters, emulsified scrubs, lip slickers and the many other products we produce. They are all made to “simply pamper."

Do you have a problem cleaning up Kids? Children’s products have been one of our fun areas of soap making. We brought in our Kid Consultant Team. We want to encourage kids to wash hands and look forward to bathtime.

Our wish for you is when using our products, you feel “simply pampered!”

Please visit us often, and if you have a special request, let us know. It may become our next big thing!

Bill & Claudia Defouw