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Specialty Soap

All of the products in Sweet Abode Artisan Soap were made because somebody needed, had, or wanted a special soap. 

Chef's Coffee soap is a great favorite of chef's, hunters, fishermen, and animal rehabbers, because it gets out stinky odors. Onions, garlic, fish, and you name it, it works on stink!

Messy Hand soap was made for my husband who is an auto tech. Every winter, his hands were dry and cracked. I made this cleansing, moisture rich soap to help his hands. 

The Goats Milk soap was made with oatmeal, honey, and goats milk, plus lavender and tea tree, I made this for friends and family recovering from medical issues that had left their skin delicate and who needed a soap that was gentle and soothing.

Our unscented baby and sensitive skin soap, No-Scents is unscented and uncolored.