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Beard Balm



Indulge in the opulence of our premium handcrafted beard balm, a lavish elixir crafted to transform your grooming experience. Enriched with the finest organic Coconut Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil, each application is a caress of nourishment for your skin. The sumptuous blend of Beeswax and Shea Butter elevates the concoction, ensuring your beard remains not only impeccably styled but also radiantly healthy. Surrender to the luxury of our beard balm and witness a beard that is as splendid to behold as it is to touch.

Three light fragrances are:  

Sea Moss: Capturing the cool, salty air of the Icelandic coast, this nurturing, detoxifying scent is comprised of citrus tonic, Moroccan rosemary, salted algae, oakmoss extract and washed cedar.

Tobacco Leaf & Amber: Warm honey and tobacco notes are brightened with hints of citrus and spice. 

Sandalwood & Patchouli: Fragrant grains of sandalwood are polished with the sweetness of balsamic richness. Enchanting notes of deep patchouli and cedarwood essential oils lie in the heart of these precious woods.

All are intriguing scents not found in other brands. 


Ingredients: Coconut Oil; Shea Butter; Beeswax; Jojoba Oil; Apricot Kernal Oil; vitamin E T-50

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