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River Rock Artisan Soap in a crate


River Rock Artisan Soap, a unique addition to  your bathroom decor!  River Rock Artisan Soap was poured using beautiful, natural river rock as our inspiration. A deep, earthy and forest scent will make you think you pick them up on the banks of a beautiful creek or river.  Packaged in curated sets of three, and ready for gift giving! Let us know in the order comments if you prefer natural dark rock, turquoise rock, or green/gray rocks.  If available, we will select your preference. Packed in a wooden crate for a different gift!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Lye (NaOH), Castor, Cocoa Butter, Activated Charcoal, Chlorophyll, Indigo, Sodium Lactate, Walnut Powder, Fragrance Blend of Essential Oils and Fragrance THE FORMULATION USES BLACK WALNUT POWDER, PLEASE BE AWARE IF YOU HAVE NUT ALLERGIES

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